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As you reach to the northern-most tip of the island you will be greeted by the world famous Karpas Golden Beach with miles of golden sands.


Golden Beach is known as the island’s most beautiful beach, and is referred to as the birth place of Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of love and beauty in mythology. According to legend, the calm sea suddenly gets excited by a sparkling white wave, and with this wave, Aphrodite steps to the shore on a shell.

With its beautiful sands and azure sea, Golden Beach deserves the legendary beauty of Aphrodite. Watching the sunrise and going for a morning walk in this sweeping bay stretching for miles is a big pleasure.

Although it is easy to get to the Karpas Golden Beach located on the right on the road from Dipkarpas Village to Zafer Burnu, you have to keep your eyes on the signpost which is very small. There is almost no construction except two small guest houses on the beach. Amongst nature, it is a wonderful opportunity for a unique holiday.

Karpas Golden Beach is getting busier in these days but it is so big! There is a room for everyone. Ideal for those who would like to get away from the crowd, and seeking their own privacy. You need a car hire to go to Karpas Peninsula. Don’t forget to take an umbrella and refreshments if you are planning to spend your day on the Karpas Golden Beach.