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Car hire in North Cyprus is the ultimate way to experience and explore the beauty of the island, and it’s relatively cheap. A cheap North Cyprus car hire enables you to visit sun baked private beaches, which might be otherwise difficult to access.

It empowers you to explore the beautiful countryside, to go to local restaurants or bars, and to drive along the beautiful coastline of Dipkarpaz. Renting a 4WD jeep is the best mode for exploring the amazingly beautiful Five-Finger Mountains. A car rental also enables you to visit historical sites in multiple cities at ease. You will be totally free to do whatever you please with a hired car.

North Cyprus rent a car is the most recommended form of transportation, especially since most public transport does not operate after 17:00. Petrol stations tend to open at 07:00, and close around 21:00. Some operate 24 hours a day. Municipal parking is available in all the major towns.

Car rental service is available in Kyrenia, Nicosia (border crossing point) and Famagusta. It is easy to drive on the island, since like in the UK, Cypriots drive on the left-hand side of the road, and all rental cars are right-hand-drive. To rent the car, all you need is a valid international driving license or one from the country of origin, and be sure that you’re at least 25 years of age!