Elevating Wellness in the Maldives: JOALI BEING’s Partnership with Sanctum

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In the heart of the Maldives, JOALI BEING resort announces an innovative collaboration with Sanctum, a globally recognized organization aiming to master the art of self-care and joyful healing. This partnership heralds the unveiling of the Sanctum Wellbeing Residence, setting a new benchmark in wellness experiences within the luxurious confines of the Maldives’ first well-being island resort.

The Essence of JOALI BEING’s Wellness Philosophy

Tucked away on the pristine Bodufushi Island in the Raa Atoll, JOALI BEING stands as a sanctuary where ancient wisdom meets modern science in the pursuit of self-discovery and transcendence. Amid its natural setting, this immersive well-being resort, designed to create a sense of weightlessness and joy, invites world-renowned wellness experts to guide guests through the ultimate wellness journey.

Sanctum Wellbeing Residence: A New Paradigm

The Sanctum Wellbeing Residence introduces an unparalleled sequence rooted in primal fitness, incorporating elements of Kundalini yoga, martial arts, breathwork, and HIIT. This method, designed to harness the body’s strength and unlock individual potential, is complementary to meditation, aiming to manage the mind and alter physical frequency, scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and boost overall self-esteem.

A Journey of Immersion and Discovery

The two-week immersive program crafted to empower the body and expand the mind includes sunrise and sunset rituals, beach hikes, cathartic sea swims, high-intensity workouts, immersive sound journeys, and fire rituals. Insights and guidance from Sanctum founders and the island’s wellness consultants are readily available, offering signature treatments and personalized wellness journeys centered around JOALI BEING’s four core elements: mind, skin, microbiome, and energy.

Leadership Perspectives on the Collaboration

Graeme Freeman, the General Manager of JOALI BEING, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Sanctum, emphasizing the resort’s unique geographic advantage and enhanced services to appeal to guests seeking self-discovery and human potential. Luuk Melisse, founder of Sanctum, also shared his excitement, highlighting the shared philosophy and innovative wellness experiences that JOALI BEING, the Maldives’ first wellness-focused island, brings to the partnership.

This transformative collaboration between JOALI BEING and Sanctum is not just a step forward in luxury wellness; it is a leap towards redefining the essence of well-being in the Maldives, offering guests an unparalleled experience that blends self-care, discovery, and luxurious immersion in nature’s bounty.

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